The Dental Restorations That Can Replace Your Child’s Missing Tooth

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The Dental Restorations That Can Replace Your Child’s Missing Tooth

Did your child knock out or lose one of their permanent teeth? If so, you need to contact Kirkwood Dental right away by calling 408-378-8500. This is important because their permanent teeth are vital for a strong and successful oral health. Our dentist, Dr. Vinh T. Pham, will be able to examine the situation and determine the best course of... read more »

Your Options for Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Do you have missing teeth in your smile? If so, it not only affects the way you chew and talk, but it also inhibits your appearance. In addition, it can also cause orthodontic complications. This is why it’s important to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible. To help you know your tooth-replacement options, our Kirkwood Dental dental team... read more »

Dental Implants Can Be Used to Replace Severely Damaged Teeth

Your teeth get the incredible hardness to bite and chew hard foods, thanks to the strength of your tooth enamel. Unfortunately, there are some extreme situations when a blow to the face or other oral trauma can potentially crack, shatter or severely fracture a tooth. If the damage to the root and socket of the tooth is severe, your dentist,... read more »

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have been growing in popularity as a great solution for replacing a lost tooth while also helping to maintain healthy jaw structure. The first step of the process usually requires a series of X-rays or a CT scans. This gives your dentist a clear picture of just how much bone is left as well as any other factors... read more »