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Dental implants have been growing in popularity as a great solution for replacing a lost tooth while also helping to maintain healthy jaw structure.

The first step of the process usually requires a series of X-rays or a CT scans. This gives your dentist a clear picture of just how much bone is left as well as any other factors you might need to consider.

During the implant procedure a narrow channel is made into the bone. This makes a place for a titanium abutment to be anchored. Titanium is very biologically safe. In time it will actually bond with the bone in a process known as osseointegration.

Once the abutment is anchored in place the oral surgeon or periodontist will place a temporary cap over the abutment to protect it. After everything is healed and anchored in place your dentist will fit you for a crown to be placed over the abutment. The final crown and implant is very durable, with proper care and a diligent oral health regimen your new implant can last for many years to come.

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