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You are probably aware that some people can actually be more likely to have to cope with many different health issues. You might know that your genetics can also affect your appearance. However, would you be surprised to hear genetics can also have a major impact on the health of your smile?

Did you know that some people are much more likely to have cavities and tooth decay than others? Or that the shape and size of your teeth are also impacted by your genes? There are a number of steps you can take to prevent tooth decay, such as flossing and brushing your teeth regularly. But some individuals are simply more vulnerable to cavities despite how well they clean their teeth. You might also be more likely to suffer from gum disease because you have poor immune responses.

Of course, even if you are more likely to have tooth decay or gum disease, there are several things you will need to do to care for your teeth and gums properly. Aside from brushing and flossing your smile, you should consider eating well and visit our dentist at least once every six months. Using mouthwash can also help you prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

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