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While it’s true that baby teeth are small, they’re just as susceptible to tooth decay as adult teeth. When children’s teeth get infected, the condition is referred to as baby bottle tooth decay, and it can leave children with damaged teeth and harmed gums and bones. To help you shield your little one from baby bottle tooth decay, there are some things we can do in our Campbell, California, practice. If you have any questions after reading this post, please call us at 408-378-8500 to learn slightly more and to schedule your next exam.

One treatment for baby bottle tooth decay is the application of stainless steel crowns. If children’s teeth are beginning to wear down, the stainless steel crowns can shield them from further wearing down. Crowns, which are both durable and need little maintenance, are a straightforward and robust method of treating baby bottle tooth decay. Installing dental crowns can often be completed in one appointment, and the dentist may endorse using anesthetics to help your child stay comfortable. With dental crowns, we can defend your child’s teeth and keep them working for a long time to come.

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