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Eating and drinking the right foods and drinks can do miracles for your oral health. Specifically, you should watch out for foods that cause dry mouth, that discolor enamel and/or that are hard to chew. Review this list of foods to ensure that you’re careful about what you’re chomping.

Drinking too much alcohol not only increases your risk of developing mouth cancer but also elevates your risk of dry mouth.
Coffee can discolor your chompers, but it can also dry out your oral cavity, and the sugar and cream add-ins don’t do any favors for your chompers either.

The rough structure of ice can break or fracture your teeth, leaving you with an oral emergency. Lollipops are virtually purely sugar, and they’re also tricky enough to break or chip your pearly whites. Potato chips are a starchy carbohydrate food especially likely to sticking to teeth and gums, leading to plaque collecting and eventually periodontal disease. Bacteria convert the sugar in sodas to bacterial acids dangerous for your dental health.

Soft breads are particularly spongy, and when pieces of it get lodged between your pearly whites, the resultant food remnants can contribute to advance of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Sports drinks have large amounts of sugars, which contribute to the stockpiling of plaque and tartar. Sticky foods stuck between your pearly whites are tough to eliminate even with tooth-brushing.

We hope you had fun going over this list. Understanding how to care for your teeth will help you maintain the smile you deserve. Are you ready for your next visit with Dr. Vinh T. Pham at Kirkwood Dental in Campbell, California? Call us at 408-378-8500 now to set up your next appointment.