A Minor Crack in a Tooth Might Need Restoration with a Crown

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A Minor Crack in a Tooth Might Need Restoration with a Crown

Even though your teeth are tough, the tooth enamel is still not impervious to damage. While a blow to the face can cause a shallow crack in a tooth, damage could also occur from something as simple as grinding your teeth or chewing on ice. Even if the crack doesn’t threaten the internal structures of the tooth, it could still... read more »

If You Have Lost a Tooth, It Can Often Be Replaced with a Bridge

If you have lost a tooth, it can seriously compromise the appearance and function of your mouth. Without timely restoration, this could lead to further complications and alignment issues in your bite. To replace the tooth, your dentist, Dr. Vinh T. Pham, might recommend having a bridge installed. A dental bridge in Campbell, California, is an appliance that represents three... read more »

Tips for Taking Care of Your Temporary Crown

After forming the abutment that will later secure your permanent crown, your Kirkwood Dental dentist cemented a temporary crown in place. It’s worth noting that the hard plastic cap of your temporary crown is only meant to protect the abutment for a short time, while the dental lab is busy custom making your final permanent crown. You need to always... read more »