Responding Soon to a Dental Emergency

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Responding Soon to a Dental Emergency

As much as we’d like to avoid them, dental emergencies happen from time to time. Dr. Vinh T. Pham and our team stress the importance of acting quickly to lessen the damage. Of course, it is always important to visit our dentist (or a medical doctor) as soon as possible if there is a dental emergency. We are happy to... read more »

Dental Implants Can Be Used to Replace Severely Damaged Teeth

Your teeth get the incredible hardness to bite and chew hard foods, thanks to the strength of your tooth enamel. Unfortunately, there are some extreme situations when a blow to the face or other oral trauma can potentially crack, shatter or severely fracture a tooth. If the damage to the root and socket of the tooth is severe, your dentist,... read more »

If You Have Lost a Tooth, It Can Often Be Replaced with a Bridge

If you have lost a tooth, it can seriously compromise the appearance and function of your mouth. Without timely restoration, this could lead to further complications and alignment issues in your bite. To replace the tooth, your dentist, Dr. Vinh T. Pham, might recommend having a bridge installed. A dental bridge in Campbell, California, is an appliance that represents three... read more »