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Saving your smile after a tooth extraction is vital to ensure your mouth has the proper chance to heal. Although tooth extractions many not seem like an intensive procedure, nonetheless, your gums still need time to heal to prevent infections and increases in recovery time. Listed below are a few tips to help keep the process moving smoothly:

– The most important order of business for treatment after a tooth extraction is getting plenty of rest. This includes avoiding labor and exercise.

– If your dentist gives you any instructions, it is always important to follow them.

– Do not forget that important your dentist is a resource for information regarding tooth extractions and healing methods to use after the surgery.

– Should any problems or irregularities come to pass during the recovery phase, be sure to contact your dentist.

– It is likely that your face and jaw will experience some forms of swelling, although ice packs and medications can be used to keep it at a minimum. Always use medications as prescribed by your dentist and never overdose.

– Your dentist has plenty of wonderful tried-and-true techniques for patients healing from a tooth extraction, so take notice.

– Do not attempt to drink or eat anything until your anesthesia has completely worn off, as it can present a choking hazard.

Dr. Vinh T. Pham at Kirkwood Dental wants to ensure your smile shines no matter what condition it is in. If you are thinking about getting an extraction, please contact our dentist office in Campbell, California, by calling us at 408-378-8500. Your smile is our business!