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Dental stains often start out relatively minor. They tend to affect the surface of your teeth when you consume dark beverages or occasionally use tobacco.

If the dental stains are not removed in a reasonable span of time they can start to saturate the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. This can cause your smile to develop increasing shades of yellow, brown, or gray.

In a situation like this, you might find dental whitening products sold in stores lack the potency to whiten your smile. Fortunately, Dr. Vinh T. Pham can remove significant dental stains by administering a dental bleaching treatment.

Going forward, you might also want to try brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste. This can help to remove minor dental stains between your regular dental cleanings at Kirkwood Dental’s dental office.

Just make sure to look for the American Dental Association’s logo on the package before selecting any brand of whitening toothpaste. This indicates that it has been researched and tested for safe and effective use as part of a daily oral hygiene routine.

If you live in the Campbell, California, area and you have been struggling to deal with a stained smile, you should call 408-378-8500 to a dental bleaching treatment at Kirkwood Dental.