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The new dental bridge installed in your mouth at Kirkwood Dental is designed to restore the presence and function of a missing tooth. While the bridge itself is not directly threatened by tooth decay, gum disease complications and other oral hygiene issues can threaten the integrity of the two abutments that anchor the bridge in your mouth.

To help you maintain your bridge and effectively remove plaque and food material from hard-to-reach places, Dr. Vinh T. Pham recommends using some of the following oral hygiene tools.

Interdental brushes have small-angled brush heads that can help brush between wires and brackets as well as remove food particles from the contours where your teeth meet the gums. They are especially handy for getting small food particles out from bands and spacers.

You might want to try using a floss threader if you’re having issues flossing between teeth and around the gumline. This simple loop-shaped tool that is loaded with waxed dental floss can help you floss around the wires and other hardware.

Dental water jets come in a variety of brands. They are designed to create a focused stream of water that can help loosen and wash away food particles from hard-to-reach places. Just keep in mind that this is not a viable alternative to flossing.

If you have further questions about how to clean and maintain your new dental bridge in Campbell, California, you can always call 408-378-8500 to speak to a member of the staff at Kirkwood Dental.