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Did you know that leaving missing teeth alone without replacing them can actually be detrimental to your remaining teeth? Not only can the voids increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, but they can also cause your neighboring teeth to move and slip out of position.

Dentures can put broken smiles back together again. Listed below are some benefits that dentures can provide:

– Dentures can be removed daily for cleaning and maintenance. When cleaning, never leave your dentures lying out, as they can dry out and crack. Always store your dentures in an approved cleaning solution.
– Dentures fill out facial structures that have sunken in from tooth loss.
– Tooth loss can cause your face to appear older. Restore your face to a more youthful appearance with dentures.
– Dentures can improve your social life, work life, and self-esteem when compared to those with lost or missing teeth. The stigma attached to missing teeth can have a negative effect on your self-image if they are not replaced.

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