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As the holiday season turns a corner, it is important to make sure you are constantly checking your smile to ensure damage to the inner parts of a tooth does not occur. If for any reason your tooth enamel is breached, and your pulp becomes damaged, a root canal therapy will be needed to remove the pulp. Root canal therapy is highly effective for saving teeth that are laced with infected pulps.

Root canal therapy is designed to extract a diseased or damaged pulp and clean and conceal a tooth for future effectiveness. Typically, if a pulp is damaged, a tooth will need to be extracted. Although root canal therapy is extremely effective for saving damaged and broken teeth, they’re only typically required if the pulp itself has sustained serious damage. However, even microscopic damage that remains unseen can eventually lead to pulp damage.

It is important to ensure your tooth enamel has not been breached. If you have deep cavities, the root of a tooth may be susceptible to damage and leave your pulp vulnerable to infection and disease. Other risk factors for root canal therapy includes repeated oral health care procedures that have slowly worn away a tooth, as well as oral accidents and injuries. If you think you may be in need of a root canal therapy, visit our office for a comprehensive examination.

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