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Multiple cases of untreated tooth decay and severe dental trauma can potentially lead to loss of several teeth in one area of your mouth. This can certainly hamper your ability to efficiently process food when eating. Depending on the location of the affected area it could also alter the appearance of your smile and hinder the clarity of your speech.

In a situation like this the wisest course of action is to set up an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Vinh T. Pham. After assessing the severity of the problem and the overall health of your remaining teeth he can help you understand your dental restoration options.

If you aren’t comfortable with the oral surgery necessary to install a dental implant supported bridge, he might recommend fitting you for a partial denture. This is a removable dental appliance that will be custom made to replicate the essential shape and function of your missing teeth.

It will be anchored into a pink material that mimics the appearance of natural gum tissues. It will closely match contours of your oral structure to help the unit fit firmly and comfortably in place.

Many people with a partial denture also like to use a small amount of denture adhesive when they install the unit in place. Not only will it provide superior hold, it can also help to block out stray food particles.  

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