Is Cleaning Your Toothbrush Necessary?

Do you know what you can do to keep your teeth healthy and strong? You probably know that it’s important to brush and floss every day, but did you know that your toothbrush could actually let bacteria and germs into your mouth if you don’t care for it properly? Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to… Read more »

Use Prescription Fluoride Supplements to Improve Tooth Enamel

Even though your tooth enamel is very hard, it is still vulnerable to oral bacteria and the acidic foods and beverages you consume. Overtime, these things can start to erode the microscopic mineral crystals that make up your tooth enamel, making your teeth prone to tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, exposure to fluoride helps… Read more »

Oral Care Items You Should Keep Stocked in Your First Aid Kit

Just like any other part of your body an injury can happen to your tongue, teeth, cheek, gums or any other part of your mouth. Even though you can never completely prevent all oral emergencies and injuries from happening, Dr. offers a few simple oral care items to keep stocked in your first aid kit… Read more »

What Are the Steps Involved in Dental Bonding Treatment?

If you’re about to repair your smile with dental bonding treatment in , , then our team is happy to tell you what to expect during your appointment so you can be prepared and relaxed in the dental chair. When you come in to meet with your dentist, Dr. , you can expect the following… Read more »

Tips for Taking Care of Your Temporary Crown

After forming the abutment that will later secure your permanent crown, your dentist cemented a temporary crown in place. It’s worth noting that the hard plastic cap of your temporary crown is only meant to protect the abutment for a short time, while the dental lab is busy custom making your final permanent crown. You… Read more »

Causes of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

You might not associate tooth decay with babies, but even infants’ teeth can have problems. Tooth decay in infants, commonly referred to as “baby bottle tooth decay,” is quite a serious concern. Since maintaining oral health in babies is a key part of healthy development, here is some information about baby bottle tooth decay. All… Read more »

Having a Missing Tooth Restored with a Dental Implant

Dental implants have been available to help restore an individual missing tooth for over twenty years. In recent years, dental implant technology and techniques has continued to advance. Now they can also be used to anchor a bridge or create anchor points to lock removable dentures into place. The process starts with examining your mouth… Read more »

Oral Cancer: Risk Factors

Cancer is a disease in which cells grow uncontrollably and invade and damage the surrounding tissues. Oral cancer can occur in the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, and hard palate. These cancers can be life threatening if they are not detected, diagnosed, and treated early. When you visit for your dental exam and… Read more »

Oral Health for Men: The Tips You Need to Maintain a Healthy Smile

According to the American Dental Association, men are less likely than women to take proper care of their smiles, which is a major problem. Men are still vulnerable to every dental issue in the world today, even if they think they’re invincible. If you’re a man who tends to avoid dental care and oral hygiene,… Read more »

Why Be on the Lookout for Gum Disease?

For a healthy, beautiful smile, you want to not only protect your pearly whites but your gums as well. Brushing and flossing every day will keep both your teeth and gums healthy and the outcome will be a beautiful smile. Neglecting this daily oral hygiene routine can lead to tooth decay and even gum disease… Read more »